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Dermatology Appointment For Acne – What to Expect

April 27, 2020
Dermatology Appointment For Acne - What to Expect


What does a dermatologist do for acne? 

Although dermatologists are equipped to help with many advanced skin issues and conditions, the most common reason one may visit a dermatologist is for acne. Dermatologists not only help treat acne scarring and administer acne treatments, but they can also screen for skin cancer or give overall skin care advice. Many teens and young adults schedule dermatology appointment for acne that is unflattering.

What a dermatologist can do for acne goes deeper than caring for external appearances. Dermatological acne treatment involves more than just cosmetics and can open your eyes to the ways your skin is connected to your overall health. The type of acne you have will also affect treatment options, and a dermatologist may recommend anything from oral or topical medications to lifestyle changes and even surgical options. Read on to discover what to expect at a Dermatology appointment for acne.

What can I expect at a dermatologist appointment? 

A dermatology appointment will be similar to any other doctor’s appointment, wherein you will be asked for your medical history and reason for your visit. You may first be given a normal health check-up when you get to the exam room, as skin issues are usually intertwined with the rest of the body. Everything from your diet to your sleeping habits has an effect on the health of your skin, which is why it’s important to disclose your medical history with your dermatologist. 

Checklist: Before Your Appointment

  • Come with a clean, washed face
  • Avoid wearing makeup or any pore-clogging products
  • Come with a list of concerns/questions you’d like to address
  • If your skin has gone through any recent changes, let your dermatologist know
  • Note any side effects you may have if you are on medication

Should you schedule a dermatology appointment for acne?

Acne is an issue everyone deals with from time to time, and sometimes dermatological treatment is the best way to get rid of stubborn or persistent acne. Cystic acne is a common example of a type of acne that often requires the help of a medical professional for its recurring nature and ability to worsen over time. Also, products that are purchased over-the-counter made for treating acne may actually make your skin and acne problems worse. This is another reason why visiting a dermatologist is a good move, because your skin is unique and what works for one person may actually hinder you. 

One way to make sure your dermatologist will give you the best treatment for your skin is making sure they are reputable. This means doing some research online of their credentials, patient reviews, and checking to see if they are partnered with the American Academy of Dermatology, a prestigious membership that the best dermatologists in the nation are a part of.

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Ready to take the next step in skincare? Contact us today to set up a dermatologist appointment with a professional that can help you understand what your skin needs to reach its healthiest state. Now that you know what to expect at a Dermatologist appointment for acne, you are better equipped to come in with the right questions and get to clearer, healthier skin faster.

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